Definition of the word "Baju"

The word "Baju" is used in the Malaysian and Indonesian language. The direct translations for it in English are:

A) Shirt
B) Blouse
C) Dress.

There are many usage for the word baju in the Malaysian language.

For example:

Baju (Dress) + Kurung (Enclosed) = Baju Kurung [1]

In the example above, baju kurung is the combination of two words. The literal meaning of those two words are:

1) Baju = Dress
2) Kurung = Enclosed


When you combine those two words, it becomes a single word to describe baju kurung, a type of traditional dress that can be found in Malaysia.

There are also other examples of the word "Baju"

For example, when combining two words Baju + Kebaya:

Baju (Dress) + Kebaya = Baju Kebaya [2]

In this example, it is used to describe another type of traditional dress that is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Kebaya or sometimes known as baju kebaya is a noun that is used to describe a type of traditional clothing article by combining the words Baju and Kebaya.

Other usage:

Baju Melayu = The male version of Baju Kurung
Baju Tidur = Pyjamas


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