Top 10 Baju Kurung Kedah
For This Season - 2018

In this article, we have picked out a list of 10 different designs and styles that are to die for. These 10 baju kurung moden Kedah are suitable for any occasion. They are reasonably priced and quite affordable as well. We hope that you like our pick as much as we do!

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No. 1 - by Amar Amran

Baju Kedah

This Baju Kurung Kedah Qaseh from Amar Amran is the perfect outfit for those who love simplicity and effortless beauty. This plain Royal Blue outfit offers no other details besides it’s phenomenal tailoring that can be observed from top to bottom. The relaxed fit of the top and the front folded skirt are beautifully done as they are loose enough but still helps to give a slimmer outline. The Italian Cotton that is used helps to give it an expensive aura due to the distinct shine and crispness of the fabric.

No. 2 - by HiDY

When modern meets traditional, it usually resulted as something evergreen. And this is definitely true for this Berlian Kurung Kedah. While the concept is driven from the traditional design, it is injected with a more modern vibe which is translated with the relaxed fit top that comes with an extra large sleeves and the mid rise skirt. The plain grey fabric may seem dull but it gives a perfect chance to show off your accessories as it will definitely pop against the fabric.

No. 3 - by Zuco Fashion

This colour blocking beauty is perfect for those who love to take risk in fashion. While blue and red don’t always work together, this design definitely works as the designer deliberately chose a blue top with red mahogany pattern that makes the transition from the top to skirt smooth. Since the top is loose and flowy, the skirt is sewn with a regular fit as to avoid from making the wearer looks puffy in it. Little to no effort is needed in styling this Kurung Kedah because it is already filled with details.

No. 4 - by Dollscarf


The charm for this Wafiyya by Dollscarf is how effortless the getup looks like. It has the modern aesthetic where it is designed to look as relax as possible without trying too hard in the design. The top and skirt flow smoothly on the body without any restriction. The skirt looks like a traditional sarong which works perfectly with the whole look. To make the outfit look less empty, few decorative embellishment are scattered on the top giving it a festive look.

No. 5 - by Zuco Fashion

While traditionally Kurung Kedah’s top comes with an even hem, this Hi-Low Kedah Midi Kurung takes it up a notch by cutting the hem into uneven hem. It creates a fishtail which creates a dramatic effect and at the same time helps those who would prefer to cover their bottoms. As a decoration, a little pearl detail is carefully sewn at the hem, which adds exclusivity and also acts as a weight for the top. As for the skirt, it is folded at the back to help ease your movement and also give it a nice A-shape which will make you look slimmer and taller.

No. 6 - by Zuco Fashion


Every girl needs a little bit of glitz and glam in her life and that is where this Mini Kurung Kedah Sequin comes in. The top is decorated with black sequins that adds a sparkle and gives out a glamorous vibe while still looking traditional with the Kurung Kedah cutting. The skirt comes with a flared hem that adds more glamorous factor and perfected the whole look. This is definitely the perfect outfit for events where you need to dress up while looking decent at the same time.

No. 7 - by Zuco Fashion

This is a style that is popular these days because it is chic, stylish and looks good on everybody. The simple top that is decorated with simple embroidery is loose and flowy in a way that it is elegantly feminine. The colourful skirt gives it a festive vibe but in a classy way which makes it perfect for special occasions. One more interesting thing about this Mini Kurung Kedah Beads is the endless possibility of styling it. The cooked top and the skirt can be worn separately making it a great investment for your wardrobe.

No. 8 - by Hijrah Couture

This Miss Clara Kurung is a minimalistic design that makes full use of the fabric used. The top is made from Evo Satin that is a complete contrast from the brown and white skirt. The print is very contemporary giving a modern breath to this traditional outfit. The same fabric as the skirt is also used for the mini pocket on the top. This helps to make the transition from the skirt to top smoother. This is a perfect outfit if you’re going for the girl next door look because it gives out a sweet and romantic vibe.

No. 9 - by HiDY

If you are all about being mysterious, this Black Baju Mahsuri Kurung Kedah is for you. it is aesthetically pleasing for the eyes at it still retains the modesty of the traditional outfit. It is designed for comfort, with everything is loose as to not restrict any movement. The fabric chosen is also perfect for the weather, woven cotton for a great air movement and for a texture that will surely be appreciated for those who love tiny details. It is also important to note that the skirt comes with not one but two pockets, an addition that is definitely rare these days.

No. 10 - by Xema Su

Boho chic lovers will definitely fall in love with this Eve Kurung Kedah by Xema Su. The top of this BajuKurung comes with a tiered design on the hems with feathery details for a whimsical effect. The clashing colours between the pink fabric and the black hems help to highlight the tiered detail which is definitely the centre of this design. Due to the impactful top, the skirt is designed to be as simple as possible to avoid overcrowding of details.


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