Top 10 Baju Kurung Lace
For This Season - 2017

In this article, we have picked out a list of 10 different designs that are super stylish and beautiful. These 10 baju kurung moden lace are suitable for almost any occasion. They are also reasonably priced and quite affordable. We hope that you like them as much as we do!

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No. 1 - by Agapeon OEM

Everything looks better with black lace. It is oozing with dramatic and mystery vibes, elevating your whole look. So it is no surprise that this AGAPEON Baju Kurung is first on our list. The clashing of colors between the lace and the lining underneath helps to give the black lace the spotlight it deserves and at the same time, gives layer to this garment without making it too dark or too boring.

No. 2 - by Vercato

This Vercato Daly is the perfect example on how different fabrics of the same colour can create a harmony when paired together. The lacey top and the gorgeous satin skirt is the perfect combination for this simple yet beautiful bajukurung. The designer kept the design as simple as possible to give the top the appreciation it deserves. Other than the fabric, only small white beadings are added to the hems to give it a more expensive vibes and they help to compliment the lace and the colour.

No. 3 - by Vercato

For those who appreciate beautiful tailoring, this Vercato Selena is definitely for you. While lace is usually used as the key point for a design, this Kurung cleverly uses lace in the background to give spotlight to the beautiful zigzag fold of the top. The simple modern lace used for the skirt and the shoulder coexist beautifully with top, making this a very unique piece.

No. 4 - by Esprima

Moving on to the simpler side of the lace spectrum, this ESPRIMA bajukurung is definitely targeted for everyday wear. This chiffon kurung with lace on the hem of the sleeves, top and skirt is perfect for days that you need to wear something formal and professional looking. The cutting and the fabric used are not too extravagant and designed for comfort, making it a perfect outfit for those who are looking for something more modest and simple. The beads and embroideries are also enough that no other accessories are needed to complete this whole look.

No. 5 - by Rozita Che Wan

This BajuKurung from Rozita Che Wan will definitely bring out your feminine side with it’s soft colours and the cutting that will accentuate your curves in the classiest way. This pastel green Kurung is completed with pastel pink lace, creating a lovely and perfect color-blocking effect. This whole look is completed with the front wrapped skirt that helps to make your body looks slimmer and longer while the fold helps in giving you more space to move around comfortably.

No. 6 - by Vercato

On the first glance, this Crochet Lace Vercato Atita looks ordinary but if you look closely, you can see the effort that the designers put in just by looking at the designs of the lace. It is the littlest thing like this that gives value to a design, and this Kurung is definitely a worthy investment. This simple design gives you a blank canvas to work with, giving you chances to experiment with accessories that can give more dynamic to your whole look.

No. 7 - by Vercato

Flare sleeves is one of the trends that are always relevant, classic yet modern and when done right, can make your outfit flawless and this Vercato Miranda is the perfect example. It comes with a royal blue laced top with flare sleeves and a beautiful mermaid skirt. The intricate floral design of the lace gives it a feminine look but the royal blue gives out a chic vibe to this Baju Kurung making it the best of both worlds.

No. 8 - by Sweetheart

Another simple and basic Kurung on the list, this Sweetheart lace Baju Kurung is definitely perfect for the whole Gadis Melayu Terakhir look. It is made from high quality chiffon silk, with simple lace on the sleeves and top. There are also beadings on the neckline which means no extra accessories needed to style this kurung. As simple as it may seem, you’ll definitely turn heads with this because there’s nothing more angelic looking than a girl clad in white.

No. 9 - by Gulatis

This Lace Chantilly is definitely making the Japanese Lace as the keypoint of this Kurung. The lace aren’t there to be hidden, they sparkle with their metallic shine showing off the amazing details on the lace. The fuschia crepe on the top helps to balance the lace to avoid it from being too much that it would look tacky. One thing worth noting is that there are sizes up to XXXL and the flare cutting helps this piece to accommodate more body shapes so that no one is left behind.

No. 10 - by Vercato

We’re saving the best for last. This Vercato Alice is the ultimate Baju Kurung Lace because the whole thing is made from crochet lace. The lace, V neckline, the cutting and the flare maxi skirt are definitely the perfect embodiment of the word feminine. The top’s front slit gives it a unique feature, perfect for those who are obsessed with details. Though it may not be suitable for everyday use, this is definitely the BajuKurung for very special occasions.


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