Top 10 Baju Kurung Pahang
For This Season - 2018

In this article, we have picked out a list of 10 different designs and styles that are to die for. These 10 baju kurung Pahang are suitable for almost any occasion. They are also reasonably priced and quite affordable. We hope that you like our pick as much as we do!

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No. 1 - by Butik Sireh Pinang


The print of this Butik Sireh Pinang - Pahang style design is definitely an attention grabber. It is definitely on the more modern side, using color that is rarely used in the traditional prints in Asia. It has the western influence, a romantic vibe to it’s overall look though maintaining the traditional factor of the whole garment. The simplicity of this kurung is definitely perfect for everyday wear, or events where you don’t have to dress up too much but still need to look decent.

No. 2 - by Hijrah Couture

While Pelikat is more commonly used in men’s clothing, there are more designs that incorporate the fabric in women’s clothing because of the prints and the sturdiness of the fabric. Hijrah Couture's Love To Love style uses this fabric in a way where the design looks feminine for it’s cutting but still have that charming strong female image because of the fabric. The top is interesting for the minor details on the front and sleeves because it gives a traditional vibe to the whole look. As for the skirt, it is perfectly lined, showing off the perfect tailoring of the garment.

No. 3 - by Butik Sireh Pinang

kurung pahang

If you’re the type that appreciates little details, this is the outfit for you. From afar, the fabric looks like it has polka dots all over it but when you look closely, you can see thousands of tiny blue roses on it. While blue roses aren’t traditionally a Malay culture thing, it fits nicely on this baju kurung, oozing feminine vibe and giving it a cute factor at the same time. It is made out of polyblend fabric which means it is very comfortable for our weather.

No. 4 - by Zarda Clothing

Since most Pahang styles are generally known for it’s loose cutting, they rarely come with a nursing friendly feature. But this Zoflea from Zarda realizes the need for nursing friendly feature and it comes with it! Underneath the bright prints, there is a zip at the front that mommies would definitely appreciate. Other than that, it is also wudhu’ friendly and comes with a pocket! If you need a practical BajuKurung, this is definitely it!

No. 5 - by Inspirasihana

baju pahang

For those who appreciate loose garments, either for modesty or because it is comfortable, This Diamond Nursing Kurung is for you. Based on the sizing, the cutting is definitely bigger than the average but because it uses powder satin, the fabric flows smoothly on the body which not only helps to avoid the wearer from drowning in fabric, but it also does not stick to the body in a way that it will compromise your aurah. As for the print, it uses a more contemporary print, giving it a modern and fashionable vibe that proves that you can be fashionable while being modest.

No. 6 - by Aura Jelita

The highlight of a baju kurung can be the cutting, prints on the fabric or both. As for this BajuKurung bidadari, it is obvious that the centre of the design is the print. A very simple pattern, using colours and vertical lines to create a simple yet sweet garment. The fabric used is made of linen, another type of fabric suitable for the weather and temperature in Malaysia. The combination of the print and the fabric makes this Kurung a suitable outfit to be worn daily.

No. 7 - by Anisse

Go green with this apple green design. If you need a blank canvas to showcase your accessories, this is the outfit for you. You can keep it simple by wearing it on its own or you can spice up your look with colourful shawl or accessories such as a simple necklace or brooch.

No. 8 - by Amar Amran 

On days where you wish to look sleek, go with this Kurung Pahang Kirana from Amar Amran. It is a garment that proves how great tailoring skill can make something simple looks really good. Because of the crisp fabric and the unapologetically bright yellow, it is very easy to appreciate the great cutting and design. The cutting of the top gives a slimmer silhouette even though the color is bright and Kurung Pahang is traditionally looser and bigger on the body. The front folded skirt will give you enough space to walk and at the same time gives it a nice and clean finish.

No. 9 - by Mother & Child

Songket is a very special fabric that is usually handmade which makes it very expensive. Due to the expensiveness, it is often replaced with other fabric with the design usually found on songket. For this Kurung Pahang Tradisional Songket Penuh, it uses cotton linen with Songket design to give it a very traditional look. The top uses a simpler pattern while the skirt bears a heavier pattern. Though the patterns are different, they are from the same colour to create a harmony between them.

No. 10 - by Era Maya

Artistic prints can make an apparel more interesting and this is definitely true for this Artsy Prints design. The print helps to make the apparel more modern and current looking as the print is influenced by the modernized Batik. It is cleverly placed at the hem of the sleeves, top and skirt to avoid it from overcrowding the upper part of the garment which is usually covered by a tudung. Because it is made from high quality chiffon, it comes with inner lining to protect your modesty.

There you have it, a collection of baju kurung modern online Pahang that are simply gorgeous and adorable. If you're interested in purchasing any of these styles, just click on the pictures and you'll be presented with information and details on where you can buy them. We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 list as much as we have enjoyed compiling them.

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