Top 10 Baju Kurung Peplum
For This Season - 2017

In this article, we have picked out a list of 10 different designs that are super stylish and beautiful. These 10 baju kurung moden peplum are suitable for almost any occasion. They are also reasonably priced and quite affordable.


We hope that you like them as much as we do!

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No. 1 - by Vercato

This blue Vercato Sarafina makes full use of the Lace and the result is stunning. Two different kind of lace are used to create contrast between everything and the pleats. While everything else uses a simple diamond patterned lace, floral lace is used for the pleats. The tiered-pleated lace at the waist gives this whole look a unique edge, as it creates more dynamics to the look differentiating it from other peplums. The sleeves get the same ruffles effect as the waist which oddly doesn’t seem too much even though this is actually a very complicated piece.

No. 2 - by Emel by Melinda Looi (Sold Out)

If you’re looking for something sweet and different, this is it. This modern peplum is everything but ordinary. The lace that is used for the top are cut in a way that the flowers appears to be alive giving the top a fantasy vibe. In order to accentuate your curves, belt is provided with the top . The shape of the skirt and the placement of the belt will also give you the illusion of a very long legs and this shows that a good design goes a long way.

No. 3 - by Maribeli Butik

Fans of batik will definitely love this Peplum Amani. While designers are usually paying more attention to the top, this BajuKurung comes with a very simple top to balance out the colourful batik skirt that comes with it. The batik is more on the modern side, using bright pastel colours which also help in giving this look a youthful and playful vibe. If you’re still unimpressed with this Peplum Kurung, you have to check out the unique tailoring of the skirt where the fan is at the front rather than the back or the side. With all this features, this would definitely worth every penny.

No. 4 - by Rina Nichie Couture

When you combine grace and class in an outfit, the result will definitely be this Frostrina Peplum Modern. Everything about this Peplum Kurung is exclusive, oozing with a classy vibe that can only be achieved with high quality tailoring and fabric. It is made from custom silk satin with soft colour palette. Strip lace with diamond like beads helps to accentuate the curve of your waist and helps to make the garment looks more expensive. You will definitely turn heads with this Baju Kurung.

No. 5 - by Cipta

Do you always make a dramatic entrance everywhere? Because if you do, we might have the perfect outfit for you. This Arianna Peplum Kurung is all about dramatic vibes. The layering of the peplum uses two different fabrics, organza and crepe, and two different colours to create a contrast between them. On the waist, it is embellished with diamante strip and also ostrich feathers to create a dramatic and unique feature to this design. Because of the extravagant details, everything else is designed to be as simple as possible to ensure that the design does not overpower the wearer. This is important because just like everything else, balance is key.

No. 6 - by Minaz

Outfit with high quality lace might be hard to find but look no further because this MINAZ Peplum Lace Kurung is here! From top to bottom, high quality lace is used and the result is magnificent. To ensure that the dusty blue lace stands out, it is lined with cream colored fabric which is the perfect canvas for it. Faux pearls and diamante embellishment are carefully sewn on the hem of the sleeves and the waist to give a more elegant touch to the Peplum Kurung.

No. 7 - by Zuco Fashion

This peplum kurung gets the Kebaya title in it’s name because of the slit in the front part of the top. It resembles the key feature of a Kebaya and what makes it unique is that the designer makes the slits only from the waist below. Other detail that can be found on the top are four beadings that resemble the buttons on a Kebaya. No other details are needed because the skirt that comes with it is heavily printed with animal prints that matches the colour of the top.

No. 8 - by JubahSouq

Though JubahSouq is popular with their jubah, they also make great Baju Kurung. This Amesha Patel Peplum Kurung is one of their many designs, featuring silky fabric and floral printsfor the top and a simple cream skirt. It is definite that they are creating a romantic aura for this design and they nailed it.

No. 9 - by MeliaSara

To embrace the trend of colorblocking, MeliaSara comes out with a design that combines the color pink and grey in a same top. The half and half concept is not new in the world of fashion but it takes a big risk to create the concept successfully. Melia Rania Kurung’s top cleverly combined two fabric of different color and different cutting and the result is phenomenal. It brings out the edginess of this garment, something we rarely see in BajuKurung designs.

No. 10 - by Zuco Fashion

Last but not least, this is a design that combines good choice of fabric and prints with exceptional tailoring skills. At first glance, the Two Layer Printed Midi Kurung might look like a one piece dress but it is actually two separate pieces. The top is a regular peplum top and the skirt is a mermaid skirt with two layers of ruffles. The cutting of the whole outfit will give you an hourglass silhouette, which is very feminine and flattering.


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