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by Barbara on March 2, 2012

Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung

One of the traditional clothes of Malaysian women is called baju kurung.  The women in Malaysia, especially in Pahang, which is the third largest estate, wear this traditional kind of dress. To be specific, the full name of the dress is Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga, this is a Malay costume worn by women. Come to think of it, those women in Malaysia preserved their national costume and wear them as an everyday outfit; they are proud and very nationalistic people.

You can still see in their modern city boutiques selling baju kurung.  Even if this is the era of modern technology and are influenced by the western world, the ladies in Malaysia still respect the tradition in dressing. They can proudly say that every woman in Malaysia still possess their traditional costume.  Tuck in their wardrobe you will find not one but many baju kurung costume. They prefer to wear this kind of clothes to special occasions rather than adorning their selves with strapless gowns and other fancy dresses. Well, wearing one of these dresses will definitely look good to any woman even if she is not Malay because of the elegance and modest appeal it gives to the wearer.

Baju Kurung is a very convenient outfit for Malay females which they wore in especial occasions such as weddings, formal functions and other engagements. Baju Kurung’s popularity is due to the fact that even the modern ladies of today use them in their everyday wear. They feel comfortable and always at ease wearing the clothes, especially if they go to work.

Baju Kurung is Very Modest Apparel to Wear

Men in Malaysia have their own version of the Baju Kurung, which is the Cekak Musang shirt. This shirt for males has the usual three pockets, which are located one in the left part of the chest and the two are either sides of the shirt in the bottom part.  These shirts for men are called Baju Melayu that has long sleeves and loosely fit bodice.  They are worn over long pants and wrapped around with a Sampin in the lower waist. Traditional people of Malaysia still desire the materials that come from peninsular Malaysia’s southern states, where the lifestyle of batik and other hand-designed materials is still very formidable.

The usual wearers of these Baju Kurung are the Muslims and sales of these goes to its peak when the Ramadan is nearing.  Although, people who are non-Muslim wear this kind of outfit, just like the ethnic Chinese of Malaysia and the minorities of India.  Baju kurung is one of the most relaxed clothing to wear; it is not off-putting and very comfortable even in an exotic climate.

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