The Most Common Fabrics For Baju Kurung

There are many types of fabrics and materials to keep in mind when you're choosing the perfect baju kurung. You might wonder, "Which one would be the most suitable for me?" "How will it feel against my skin?" and so on. We have done our research and decided to write an article about it. So without further a do, here are some of the most popular fabrics that designers use to create baju kurung dresses and skirts.

A) Silk is without a doubt the most common material that most designers use. There are many reasons why silk is chosen as the fabric of choice. Some of the reasons are:


  1. Silk is soft to touch.

  2. It has a luxurious feel to it.

  3. They are strong, durable, and long lasting.

  4. Silk has a breathable and airy composition.

  5. Silk is stretchable and has good elasticity.

  6. Baju kurung created using silk are easy to care for and
    do not crease easily, saving you time on ironing them.


As you know, the baju kurung originated from Malaysia, a country with a tropical climate that can get quite hot in certain months of the year. It is not uncommon to have days that are above 30 degrees celcius. With that in mind, we can see why silk is the most preferred fabric used for making baju kurung dresses. It ticks all the box when it comes to climate and temperature.

Aside from silk, there are also other common materials used such as cotton, satin, and chiffon. In the next paragraph we will give a short break down of different types of the fabrics and some of it's highlights and qualities.

Below are the breakdowns of why cotton, lycra, satin, and chiffon are used to make baju kurungs.

B) Cotton is the most used fabric in the world. The top cotton producing countries are China, India, USA, and Pakistan. Here are the reasons why cotton is ideal when making baju kurung:

  1. Easy to breathe material. A great choice for warm South East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

  2. Looks good on your body and feels good on your skin.

  3. Moisture absorbent - again, for warm temperatures. You sweat a lot in hotter climate and cotton helps absorb sweat.

  4. Dresses and skirts made out of cotton are comfortable to wear. 

C) Satin looks shiny and luxurious. Using satin gives out the vibe of exclusivity and creates the impression of high quality. Below are reasons why you should choose to buy satin baju kurungs.

  1. Satin looks elegant when tailored properly.

  2. Perfect if you choose to have it as your wedding dress as it is a common material for wedding dresses.

  3. Smooth against the skin; no wonder it is also used a lot to create pillow cases!

To summarize this article up, silk, cotton, satin and chiffon are the most common materials used to create baju kurung. There are also some less popular ones such as lycra and velvet. Hope you found this article helpful - feel free to browse through our website and read our other articles and shopping guides.


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