Styles and trends changes every season. Some may change faster than the other and one thing can be chic today and be outdated tomorrow. We are here to examine the most popular colors for baju kurung that's in style this season. If you would like to learn more about the baju kurung online and the latest updates, please visit our main article on baju kurung.

It is important to choose the right color if you want to look your best while wearing the dress. There's nothing worse than wearing mismatched colors or the wrong color for a certain occasion. Keep in mind that this topic can be subjective. You might think that lime green is tacky while someone else might think that it's adorable and to die for. Other things to keep in mind when choosing the right color is to decide what will you be wearing them for. Will it be for a wedding? Will it be for an open house during Hari Raya?

Lets get down to the chase and get down to business. Before we go on any further, lets clarify that the suggestions on this website is only our own opinion based on what we find online. The way we compare is by going on the two of the largest online stores, namely Lazada and Zalora. We will check which colors have the most available baju kurung.

First on the list is blue. Coming in at first place, there are 371 varieties of blue baju kurung available. It's no wonder that blue is the most popular choice since it's quite a flexible and modern color, not too dark and not too dull.

At number two on the list is green with 275 varieties available for sale. Green is a nice color as well if matched with the right accessories and accented with white shoes.

For third place ranking is pink with 248 varieties that you can choose from. Pink is also a nice color, feminine and elegant.

Number four on the list is black. Black can be matched with many different accessories such as white or navy colored tudung. The only downside for black is that it might be a bit too warm if worn during the day in direct sunlight as black absorbs light more than any other colors.

Number five on the list is red. There are approximately 202 different red baju kurungs available for sale on Zalora as of November 2016.

Number seven on the list is purple. Upon quick review on Zalora's website, we find that there are 172 purple modern baju kurung offered and available for you to buy via Zalora.

Surprisingly, coming in at eighth place is brown. We think that with brown, there aren't too many color combinations that you can mix and match. Nonetheless, there are 119 brown kurungs that you can find online at Zalora. 

Two more to go now. Drum rolls please. Ladies and gentlemen, at number nine for the most popular baju kurung colors is none other than white! Our guess is that there aren't so many white colored kurungs for sale on Zalora since it can get stained quite easily. Think you're eating rendang tok while chit chatting with your friends from sekolah menengah, a little careless may cause you some embarrassment  and hard to remove stains.

For the final color on the list we've made sure to not overlook any important details. Unfortunately and sadly, coming in at last place is yellow. We think yellow would suit weddings well however it might be too bold of a color and isn't so versatile. From what I remember, many of my teachers from school used to wear yellow baju kurung. It's quite popular but unfortunately there are only 113 models available on Zalora. 


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